Chancery Guide


Civil Procedure and Remedies

A Guide to Representing Yourself in Court (Bar Council):*

A Handbook for Litigants in Person:

ACTAPS’s Code: “

Advice for Litigants in Person: “

Amended Pleading Filed Late: Relief From Sanctions Refused: The Need To Plead The Case Properly:

Amending Pleadings: A Review Of The Principles: What Is Meant By ‘Late’?:

Amending Statements of Case, by District Judge Patricia Pearl:

Amending under the Amended Overriding Objective:

An overview of civil proceedings in England by, Pinsent Masons Solicitors:*

Appeals in the County Court and High Court: quick guide:

Applications Without Notice (“AWNs”) Arrangements to see a Chancery Master:*

Beneficial Interest Claims: Constructive Trusts and Proprietary Estoppel, by Slee Blackwell Solicitors:

Case management and evidence, by District Judge Suzanne Burn:

Case Management Conference, by Drukker Solicitors:

Case Management, Directions and Attendance of Parties: A warning shot from the Commercial Court, by Gordon Exall:

Case Management (MOJ guidance note):

Case update: The Court’s approach to amending particulars of claim in light of the Jackson reforms (2014), by Verity Altaras:

Central London County Court:

Central London County Court – Chancery Applications, Case Management Conferences, and Pre-Trial Review Protocol:

Chancery Business at Central London Civil Justice Centre:*

Chancery Division – Extending time limits & Sealing Tomlin Orders:

Chancery Division – Judges daily cause list:

Chancery Division – production of orders for Master and Judges.*

Chancery Division (including changes introduced from 1 October 2014): “

Chancery Guide, March 2016:*

Chancery Division Practice Note 1.10.2014 (Electronic filing):*

Chancery Masters orders:*

Chancery Modernisation Review (Final Report December 2013): “*

Changes to Civil Procedure and the County Court system, by Naomi Chesterman:

Changes to CPR Part 36 Offers, by McDaniel & Co Solicitors:

Changes to the CPR coming into force in April 2014: “

Changing the trial date: a case in point: Mitchell remains a ‘Top Brand’, by Gordon Exall:

Civil and Family Court Fees (EX50 – 4 August 2014):…pdf.*

Civil Courts Structure Review (CCSR): Interim Report published (12 January 2016):*

Civil Litigation Brief: “

Civil Procedure Amendment Rules 2014: “*

Civil procedure: conduct and costs by, Masood Ahmed:

Civil Procedure News (Westlaw):

Civil Procedure Rule (‘Current Awareness’ from the Inner Temple Library): “

Civil Procedure Rules: “

Civil Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2014:*

Commercial Court considers test for transfer of cases between divisions of the High Court (2015) by, Lyons Davidson:

Commercial Court Guide: Length of skeleton arguments for applications:

Compliance with Case Management Directions, by Drukker Solicitors:

Constructive trusts over the family home: lessons to be learned from other Commonwealth jurisdictions?, by Simon Wong:*

Constructive trusts: quantifying shares in a property, by Mark Pawlowski:

Coping with the Difficult Lawyer in Settlement Negotiations:…html.

Costs – Mitchell sanctions damaging to litigation (Law Society): “

Costs – Practical guidance on relief from sanctions after Mitchell and Durrant (Keating Chambers): “*

Costs – Supreme Court Judgment in the costs hearing for Marley v Rawlings (2014): “*

County Courts Act 1984: “

County Court – Change in Rules (April 2014): “

County Court Claims (on all three tracks) – How it is changing, by THP:

County Court Jurisdiction Order 2014: “

Court and tribunal fees (December 2014):

Court dress – revised guidance:*

Court fee hike article (2.5.2015):

Court Fees for Inheritance Act Claims (2015), by Clapham & Collinge Solicitors:

Court Fees, High Court, County Court and Small Claims Court:

Court Fees Increase: The Figures:

Court Forms: “

Court Procedure Flowchart by Bond Dickinson Solicitors:*

Courts and Tribunals Judiciary: “

Courts and Tribunals – Judiciary (homepage):

Courts Guidance:

CPR 6.8 and Validity of Service – check the Defendant’s address for service! By Justine Ash:

CPR Part 3 – Court’s Case Management Powers: “

CPR Part 15 – Defence and Reply:

CPR Part 17 – Amendments to Statements of Case:

CPR Part 19 – Parties and Group Litigation:

CPR Part 23 – General rules about applications for court orders:

CPR Part 25 – Interim remedies and security for costs:

CPR Part 26 – Case Management – Preliminary Stage:

CPR Part 30 – Transfer:

CPR Part 32 – Evidence:

CPR Part 36 – Offers to Settle:

CPR Part 45 – Fixed Costs:

CPR Part 57 – Probate Inheritance and Presumption of Death: “

CPR Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol and Guidance Notes:

CPR Updates: “

Developments in ‘sole name’ cohabitation: what legal advice are you giving?, by Rhys Taylor:

Directions Questionnaire explanatory sheet by Herrington & Carmichael Solicitors:*

Directions Questionnaire (Fast track and Multi-track):*

Directions Questionnaire guidance note by Pannone Solicitors:*

Drafting Witness Statements: 4 Golden Rules Directly From The Judges Who Hear The Cases, by Gordon Exall, Barrister:

Drafting Witness Statements: The Questions You Ask Will Determine The Answers You Get: Eight Crucial Points On Evidence, by Gordon Exall, Barrister:

Dramatic increases in court fees causing deep concern, say senior judges:

Enhanced Court Fees:Written statement – HCWS200:

Executors in Litigation – Middle Ground, by Sofie Hoffman and Sharon Kenchington:

Family Court Resources – Law Society:

Family Division:

Fast Track and Multi-Track Allocation Guidance Note by My Lawyer:

Fast Track Fixed Costs Confirmed by James Arrowsmith of Brown Jacobson Solicitors:

Find the right Court or Tribunal:

Fixed-end trials in the Chancery Division:

Fraud in Civil Proceedings:

Guide to interim applications in the Chancery Division:

Guide to litigation (on all three tracks) in the County Court by Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors:*

Guide to proceedings for those without a legal representative (Supreme Court):

Handbook for litigants in person:*

How to create a court bundle: “

How to prepare court bundles:*

How to write a Witness Statement, by John Antell, Barrister:

Interim applications a quick guide by PLC:

Interim applications in the Chancery Division:*

Investigating or collecting evidence and taking witness statements (BSB Guidance):*

Jackson Reforms:*

Judiciary – biographies:

Late amendments – A new approach:—a-new-approach.

Law Society Practice Note – Disputed Wills: “

Law Society Practice Note – File retention: trusts: “

Law Society Practice Note – File retention: wills and probate: “

Litigants in person: guidelines for lawyers (2015):*

Litigation procedure guidance note by Taylor Walton Solicitors:*

Making an application in the Chancery Division after 1st October 2014 – no bundle no hearing, by Gordon Exall:

Managing probate claims, by 10 Old Square Chancery and Commercial Barristers:*

Masters and Judges Orders – Effective 2nd January 2015 (Chancery Division):

Members of the Judiciary:

Mt Standard Directions Orders:

Multi-Track Costs Budgeting (Guidance Note by Paul Hawkins Law Costs Drafting):*

New County Court Rules: Extension of equity jurisdiction to £350,000, by Gordon Exall:

Non-Contentious Probate Rules 1987 (as amended):

Part 36 ‘Offers to Settle’ (Court proceedings in England and Wales) by Pinsent Masons Solicitors:*

PLC CPR links: “

Pleading and proving allegations of fraud or dishonesty: Mullarke –v- Broad: Useful links and guidance by, Gordon Exall:

Practice Direction 3E – Costs Management: “

Practice Direction 7A – How to start proceedings: “

Practice Direction 19A – Addition and Substitution of Parties:

Practice Direction 23A – Applications:

Practice Direction 26 – Case Management: “

Practice Direction 28 – The Fast Track: “

Practice Direction 29 – The Multi-Track: “

Practice Direction 32 – Evidence:

Practice Direction 36A – Offers to Settle:

Practice Direction 57 – Probate: “

Practice Direction 64A – Estates, Trusts, and Charities:

Practice Directions & Notes:

Practice Guidance: Court Of Appeal Hear-By Dates:

Practice Note: Chancery Chambers Changes 1st October 2014:

Pre-Action Protocols:

Predicting the remedy in a proprietary estoppel claim: which route home? (2015), by Rhys Taylor:

Preparing Witness Statements for Use in Civil Proceedings (BSB Guidance): LINK.*

Proposed changes to the Non-Contentious Probate Rules, by Eleanor Evans:

Proprietary estoppel, resulting trust and constructive trust claims, by Hugh James:

Proprietary Estoppel Seminar (2015) – 5 Stone Buildings Barristers Chambers:*

Queen’s Bench Guide:*

Requests for last minute amendments to Statements of Case – an update! (2013), by Justine Ash:

Requests to adjourn a trial, by Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP Solicitors:

Role of Executors (and Trustees) in claims, by Peter Steer of Wilsons Solicitors:*

Sample Letter Requesting Mediation in a Commercial Court Case:*

Senior Courts Act 1981:

Senior Judiciary:

Significant changes to CPR Part 36 from April 2015 – Herbert Smith Freehills Litigation Notes:

Skeleton Argument Protocol – Notice to all users of Central London Civil Justice Centre with matters listed before Circuit Judges:

Standard Directions (MOJ):

Staying proceedings guidance note by Drukker Solicitors:

Stays of proceedings clarified, by Kennedys Solicitors:

Structure of the Courts system:

Summary Judgment (assessment of factual evidence):

Tackling troublesome executors, by Charlotte Black and Richard Sims:

The County Court challenge: a practical view from the Bar, by James Bickford Smith (2014):*

The Court of Appeal:

The Interim Applications Court of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court: A guide for litigants in person:

The Lord Chief Justice’s Report 2015:*

The Opening of the Central London Civil Justice Centre:

The Single County Court and other changes to civil procedure coming into force in April 2014, by Richard Gold:*

The structure of the Courts (chart):*

Track allocation in civil proceedings -The three tracks and the overriding objective:

Transfer between High Court and county court:

Tribunals structure (chart):*

Trusts arising by operation of law generally, by New Square Barristers Chambers:*

Urgent injunctions applications:*

What factors should the court take account of in adjourning a trial? by PainSmith Solicitors:

What is a Case Management Conference?:

When to plead fraud – Barrister’s Hub:

Wilberforce Chambers – Legal Digest (Issue 1) Trust, Tax, Probate and Estates (2015):

‘Without Prejudice’: Principles and Myths article:

Without prejudice communications, by James Barnard:*

‘Without Prejudice Guide’ by, Ashursts Solicitors:

Without prejudice privilege: traps by, Mary Still and Timothy Webb:…s/20060802/without_prejudice…page.

Without prejudice rule article – ‘Where the limits lie’, by Ashley Fife:

Law Reports

Queen’s Bench Division Decisions: “

Chancery Division Decisions: “

Court of Appeal Decisions:

House of Lords Decisions:

Supreme Court Decided Cases:

Amending Statements of Case

Birdseye & Anor v Roythorne [2015]:

CIP Properties -v- Galliford Try [2015]:

Hague Plant Ltd v Hague & Ors [2014]:

JW Spear & Sons Ltd & Ors v Zynga Inc [2013]:

Mitchell MP v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2013]:

Versloot Dredging BV & Anor v HDI Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG & Ors [2013]:

Contentious Trusts & Probate

Beddoe Application case:*

Brooke & Ors v Purton & Ors [2014]:

Dawson-Damer & Ors v Taylor Wessing LLP & Ors [2015]:…..html.

Dellal v Dellal & Ors [2015]:

Evans v Lloyd [2013]:

Fielden v Christie-Miller & Ors [2015]:

Fischer v Diffley [2013]:

Giles v The Royal National Institute for the Blind & Ors [2014]:….html.

Hart v Burbidge [2014]:

Hawes v Burgess [2013]:

Ilott v Mitson [2015] (CA):*

Kaur v Dhaliwal [2014]:

Kicks & Anor v Leigh [2014]:

King v The Chiltern Dog Rescue & Anor [2015]:

Marley v Rawlings [2014]:

Pearce v Beverley [2013]:

Rawstron & Anor (Executrices of the Estate of Lucian Freud) v Freud [2014]:

Seals & Anor v Williams [2014]:

Seals & Anor v Williams [2015]:

Shergill v Khaira [2014]:,*

Simon v Byford [2014]:

Quaintance v Tandan [2012]:

The Vegetarian Society v Scott [2013]:

Vaughan-Jones v Vaughan-Jones [2015]:

Woodland Trust v Loring [2014]:

Wright v Waters & Anor [2014]:

Civil Procedure Rules & Costs

Denton & Ors v TH White Ltd & Ors [2014]:

Michael Wilson & Partners Ltd v Sinclair & Ors [2015]:

Beneficial Interest & Proprietary Estoppel Claims

Agarwala v Agarwala [2013]:

Bagum v Hafiz [2015]:

Bhushan & Ors v Chand [2015]:

Capehorn v Harris and Another [2015]:…...

Chekov v Fryer & Anor [2015]:

Curran v Collins [2015]:

Davies & Another v Davies [2014]:

Gadhavi v Gadhavi [2015]:

Kousouros v O’Halloran & Anor [2014]:

O’Kelly v Davies [2014] (CA):

Pankhania v Chandegra [2013]:

Singh v Singh [2014]:

Southwell v Blackburn [2014]:

Professional Negligence

Gabriel v Little [2015]:

Mehjoo v Harben Barker [2014](CA):

Tax Disputes

Clavis Liberty Fund v Revenue & Customs [2015]:

Dosanjh v Revenue & Customs [2014]:

Gardiner & Ors v Revenue [2015]:

Green v Revenue & Customs [2015]:

Parkwell Investments v Wilson [2014]: