I am the founder of the Diplomatic Law Guide (, which appears on page 1 of the following pages of Google:

  • ‘bilateral and regional trade agreements law’; and
  • ‘bilateral trade agreements lawyer’;

and contains an evolving bank of legal materials, on-line library resources, news, and articles about bilateral and regional trade agreements.

I am currently researching and writing a new handbook provisionally entitled ‘The Drafting And Interpretation Of Trade Agreements ’, for publication in 2018. 

The content of the book includes:

Glossary of terms;


–       Strategic objectives and options;

–       Draftsman’s tool-box;

–       Treaties and MOU’s;

–       Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 (‘VCLT’);


–       Purpose, scope, and territorial application;

–       Reservations;

–       Pre-conditions;

–       Duration and termination;

–       Amendment;


–      Drafting style and techniques;

–      Form and content;

–      Title;

–      Preamble;

–      Main text;

–      Final clauses;

–      Testimonium and signature block;

–     Annexes (if any);

Substantive obligations;

Dispute resolution;

WTO compliance;

Concluding a trade agreement:

–      Capacity;

–      Full powers;

–      Adoption and authentification;

–      Consent to be bound;

–      Entry into force;



–       VCLT;

–       Precedents (Model clauses, MOU’s, and diplomatic notes); and

–       WTO dispute settlement procedures, evidence, proof, and fact-finding.

Prior to entering private practice as a commercial solicitor and subsequently as a Barrister, I worked in-house for the Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group and for Alstom (in Paris), structuring, drafting, and negotiating major contracts which were awarded in Malaysia, India, and China.

To view my internet rankings please Google either:

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• ‘trade agreements barrister’;

for which I have recently been listed on page 1.