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Wealth Planning TV (www.wealthplanning.tv) is a comprehensive practical resource and guide to wealth taxation and planning. For both practitioners and their clients, it contains an evolving archive of: podcasts (about tax); videos (about planning); articles; special reports; diagrams (including will structures); and a dictionary of planning terms. It also contains links to the principal wills, trusts, and tax legislation (including double tax treaties); and on the ‘Inheritance Tax’ page an ‘Inheritance Tax Act 1984 Grid’. This is a diagnostic tool which for each provision of the IHTA 1984 contains a link to the available corresponding text, key IHTM’s, and a list of relevant cases. On the ‘Wills and Trust Law’ page there are also links to the transcripts of recent cases.

To view the contents on the website please click on the ‘Site Contents’ on the home page at www.wealthplanning.tv. Please note that certain areas on the website are under development. The www.wealthplanning.tv website is owned and operated by Worldwide Wealth Planning Consultants Ltd (which trades as ‘Wealth Planning TV’).

The SRA have announced that from Spring 2015, solicitors and firms can opt out of CPD, and adopt the new SRA approach which places competence at the heart of learning, and does not require training providers (including Wealth Planning TV) to be authorised by the SRA. Under the new approach the SRA allow solicitors to acquire training in their own time and to suit their lifestyle. This means a solicitor can acquire training ‘on the go’ through the website during downtime, e.g. whilst travelling on a bus, waiting for a train, or sitting in a hotel or airport, using: iPad; iPhone; Android; Firefox; Chrome; Opera; Internet Explorer 9; and Safari (after installing Quick time).

There are two categories of membership:

Individual membership.

From £6.60 a month you can access the entire website including CPD podcasts and videos.
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Annual corporate membership for firms, companies, universities, and colleges worldwide.

For £200, all of your employees and students have unlimited access to the entire website including podcasts and videos for 12 months. If your firm, company, university, or college, take out a corporate subscription, then in our absolute discretion, and subject to our approval, we will also post for up to 12 months and without charge, an agreed professional directory entry for your business / institution, on the Wealth Planning Network directory page, including a corporate video e-mailed to us in a format that we can upload.

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Whilst web analytics are not compiled if you google ‘wealth planning’ you will find Wealth Planning TV listed on page one worldwide.

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