Consultation & Appointment


To arrange an initial free Zoom Consultation to discuss how I can help you, please either send an email to or contact my Clerk at 1 Essex Court:

Tel: 020 7936 3030 or 020 7832 1010.

Tel out of hours: 07721 866 858.



I cannot provide any advice until formally instructed, and when you speak for the first time to my Clerk, he will explain what you need to do for MLC compliance.

I only act for Solicitors and their clients.

My standard terms of engagement are based upon the draft contractual terms agreed by the Commercial Bar Association with the City of London Law Society (the ‘COMBAR CLLS’ terms) as approved by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund.

Please note that I do not make commercial decisions for Clients about terms of settlement of a dispute, provide any tax planning and financial advice, or undertake CFA and Public Access work. If you require tax planning advice you will need to instruct a CTA. I am only licenced to provide legal advice about English law. As a general principle of Private International Law, the law of succession which applies to real property is the lex situs, i.e. foreign law. If an asset is sited abroad, I cannot advise about: succession under a foreign law, the validity and recognition of an English will under a foreign law, or about litigation in relation to foreign sited assets. I only undertake cases where the amount in dispute (including costs) or the value of the estate, is below £2.5 million.