How to contact me

To instruct me as a Barrister or appoint me as a Mediator, please contact my Clerk at 1 EC Barristers who will agree my fee and issue an invoice for payment.

1 EC Barristers, 3 Kings Bench Walk North, Temple, London EC4Y 7HR.


Tel: 020 7936 3030 or 020 7832 1010.

Tel out of hours: 07721 866 858.


Before calling my Clerk to enquire about appointing me as a Mediator please email him the following brief summary:

  • What is the dispute about.
  • What is the value of the dispute & what assets are involved.
  • Who are the parties & if legally represented who are their lawyers.
  • Where are the parties & their lawyers located.
  • Have all parties involved agreed to Mediation.
  • How will the Mediation take place – i.e. by Zoom or face to face.
  • What is the time frame for starting & conducting the Mediation.

Please note:

  • I do not undertake any Public Access work or conduct litigation.
  • I only undertake cases where the amount in dispute is below £2.5 million.
  • I only mediate Trust, Estate and Cultural Property disputes.
  • Mediators do not provide commercial, legal, or tax advice, and do not draft settlement agreements. I charge on a fixed fee basis, payable in advance to my Chambers Bank Account, and have a standard Mediation Agreement, which sets out the ground-rules for the Mediation, which must be signed by all parties and anybody else who attends the Mediation. To understand the process better, please read the two articles about ‘Mediating Probate & Trust Disputes’ at the top of the Publications page.
  • With the exception of pre-mediation day Zoom calls, all Mediation days by Zoom will be conducted in Chambers at 1 EC Barristers in London between 10am to 5.30pm. See also: SOM Guide to Remote Mediation 2024.pdf (