How I can help

As an Accredited Mediator, Mediation Advocate, and practising Barrister, exercising full rights of audience in all courts and tribunals in England and Wales, I specialise in Probate Trust & Tax Disputes.

As a Mediator, I can also facilitate lifetime estate and business succession planning for UK resident business families, see Part 2 of my article published in Taxation (Tolley) in March 2022 (on the ‘Publications’ page of this website).

I am also developing expertise in relation to ‘Fiduciary Duties owed by Trustees of Art in Museums & Stately Homes’, see the ‘Mediation of Art & Cultural Heritage Disputes’ page of this website.

To engage me for a fixed fee (including travel and overnight accomodation), to present a course, or speak at a conference in the UK, please email


Carl Amir-Ul Islam, B.Soc.Sc (Keele) (Law & Political Science) (Joint-Honours) (which included a Tax Law Dissertation about the ‘Taxation of UK resident foreign domiciliaries’ – my Tax Law Tutor was the late Stephen Brandon QC), LLM (Exon)(International Business law), Barrister (Lincoln’s Inn), TEP, SCMA Accredited Mediation Advocate, Accredited Mediator and MSoM (Full Member of the Society of Mediators in London), (Membership Number: 61667028). Member of the Chancery Bar Association, and STEP ( Author of ‘Tax-Efficient Wills Simplified’ (Amazon Kindle): Tax-efficient Wills Simplified 2014/15: Carl Islam: 9781852527396: Books, the ‘Contentious Probate Handbook’ (published by the Law Society on 1 October 2016): Wildy & Sons Ltd — The World’s Legal Bookshop Search Results for isbn: ‘9781784460600’, and the Contentious Trusts Handbook’:  Wildy & Sons Ltd — The World’s Legal Bookshop Search Results for isbn: ‘9781784461249’. I am also dual qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court.

Chambers of Ian Mayes QC, First Floor, 1 Essex Court, Temple, London EC4Y 9AR (

Prior to entering private practice, I worked in-house for Rolls-Royce and Alstom (in Paris), tax structuring, drafting, and negotiating deals in multiple jurisdictions around the world (principally in the Far East, including China, South Korea, Malaysia, and India). As a Mediation Advocate, I approach doing a deal in settlement of a dispute with the benefit of that commercial experience and can apply a degree of ‘nous’. As a Mediator, I can also use my ‘commercial’ antennae to help parties re-frame their dispute as an opportunity.

See my recent articles:

I have been invited by the Law Society of England & Wales, to submit a Book Proposal for a second edition of the Contentious Probate Handbook. I will draft the outline proposal in November 2022, for submission in December. The first edition has sold out. Dr Hugh Series who is a NHS Consultant in old age psychiatry and a member of the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford, is contributing a standalone Practice Note for inclusion in the book as an Appendix about ‘Mental disorders.’

I am currently writing an in-depth article with tables entitled, ‘Mediation of Probate Trust & Tax Disputes – Challenges & Tools.’ I am aiming to submit the first complete draft to Trusts & Trustees (Oxford University Press) in September, for publication worldwide later this year. The introduction is set out at the foot of the ‘Mediation of Probate & Trust Disputes’ page of this website.

My next article for Taxation (Tolley), which I am planning to write in 2023, is ‘What is the jurisdiction of the English court where breach of fiduciary duty by a non-resident trustee amounts to unlawful tax avoidance or fraud?’

I am also studying part-time for a Diploma in Art Law at the Institute of Art & Law in London (see the Mediation of Art & Cultural Heritage Disputes’ page of this website).